Posted on 10/08/2012, 8:53 am, by the City of Steinbach

This summer saw the City of Steinbach’s Solid Waste Department try a second year of community compost depots. From mid-May to mid-October, two compost depots were available every Saturday at the Steinbach Junior High School and at Woodlawn School. In 2011, 36.6 tonnes of compostable material was collected, this year, 40.2 tonnes was collected.

“Our compost depots did very well this year, better than last year”, said Eldon Wallman, Solid Waste Department Head. “Last year, we suffered a substantial drought during the summer and this year, Steinbach got marginally better rainfall which boosted the total tonnage we received at the depots”.

The City of Steinbach is hoping to improve on its organic waste diversion program in the near future to increase the amount of compostable material collected and diverted from the regular waste stream.

As we head into fall, the public is reminded they can still bring their bags of leaves, grass clippings and garden waste to the Steinbach Landfill to be composted. Finished compost material should be available for public pickup from the Landfill by mid-October.