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The Steinbach Arts Council is pleased to present “Emotional Extensions” art display by Mark Giesbrecht, at an opening ceremony celebration on November 14.

Mark Giesbrecht is an artist, author, luthier and aspiring musician. Although he has many passions, art has been, and still is, a huge part of Mark’s life. Mark believes that through his paintings and drawings, he finds the best ways to express his deepest and purest emotions.

Along with his artwork, Mark still finds the time to write novellas and compose music whenever he can. He does all of this while running a part-time guitar building and repair business as well. Mark does say that he finds himself overwhelmed at times, due to his obsessive drive for his passions, but yet he can’t see himself living any other way. “Living life should be about inspiring people, or at least doing your best to do so,” says Mark, “that is why I love to try and expand my talents and focus on a multitude of passions such as art, writing, music, and whatever else I can.”

Mark has been following his passions for as long as he can remember; and even though Mark knows that there is still more he needs to learn about his passions, he also believes that you can only truly learn anything through your experiences in life as well. Sharing his work with other people gives him the confidence and criticism he needs to better himself, and it also gives him the ability to expand his mind. Mark constantly attempts to inspire the uninspired people of this world, and encourages others to do the same. “We have so much to learn from one another. When we actually take the time to listen to each other, we find out that we’re not so alone in this world…and that’s what makes progress possible.”

The Steinbach Arts Council invites the public to come see Mark’s thought-provoking artwork on display at The Hall Gallery in the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre. The display will run until December 19th. Everyone is invited to attend the opening ceremony. Refreshments will be served. There will be no admission, but a Toonie donation is requested and greatly appreciated.