Posted on 11/14/2012, 9:14 am, by the City of Steinbach

The City of Steinbach is looking quite festive these days. City employees have put up an estimated 500 light strings, comprised of 22,000 lights.

Lights can be seen on trees along Main Street, Reimer Avenue across from City Hall, as well as on the trees by KR Barkman Park gazebo. City Hall and the welcome sign at the south end of Steinbach are also lit up.  The trees on Reimer Avenue alone feature about 4200 lights.

“People appreciate the festive look of the lights in the community during the Christmas season,” said Russ Dyck, Parks and Recreation Department Head.

Dyck also notes that since the City changed to LED lights, maintenance of the lights has been minimal. The LED lights are more durable and consume significantly less energy than conventional bulbs.

The City has heard many wonderful compliments about the beauty of the lights and is pleased to hear the effort is appreciated again this year.