Posted on 12/01/2012, 10:57 am, by mySteinbach

MP Vic Toews, on behalf of Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, announced federal funding to the Ste. Genevieve Community Centre. The funding is part of the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF).

Jerry Magura, Tashia Lapeire and Vic Toews

Left to right: Jerry Magura, Tashia Lapeire and MP Vic Toews.

“Facilities such as this centre are vital to the creation of jobs, growth and prosperity in our communities,” said Minister Toews. “I am proud of our Government’s investment in the Ste. Genevieve Community Centre which is helping to improve the quality of life for local families. I am confident it will serve the community well into the future.”

Funding of $20,964 went towards upgrading the ice rink base from gravel to concrete. The upgrade has helped make the facility more functional by improving public accessibility and allowing it to be used for a wider range of sports, recreational activities and community events throughout the year.

“We are thrilled to have a concrete surface for our community ice rink,” said Tashia Elias, President, Ste. Genevieve Community Centre. “The funding from CIIF and the RM of Taché has made this dream a reality, and we appreciate the support to become a strong community with more to offer our residents.”