Posted on 12/09/2012, 10:15 am, by mySteinbach

A new video demonstrates that young men have a role to play in speaking out against domestic and gender-related violence, and breaking the cycle of violence. This announcement was made by Family Services and Labour Minister Jennifer Howard, minister responsible for the status of women.

“Children and youth exposed to domestic violence may grow up thinking this behaviour is normal and acceptable,” said Howard. “This video speaks to them in a style they are familiar with and shows them how to break the cycle of violence in their own future relationships.”

The Manitoba government provided a grant to the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre for the development of the video.

“We know that the youth we work with need to have their own voice on issues that affect them. Prevention starts with children and youth, and it is important to provide the tools for them to make positive choices,” said executive director Lawrence ‘Spatch’ Mulhall.

The video shows how domestic violence in the home can affect the attitudes of children who are powerless to stop the violence and are confused by their sadness and anger. Without even realizing it, they can reflect the same violent behaviour they witness at home in their own relationships unless they break the cycle, said Howard.

The minister noted, while domestic violence is experienced by all age groups, dating violence is even more common than spousal violence. The majority of victims are women and girls (approximately 80 per cent).

The province recently launched the first phase of the Break the Silence campaign that featured members of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers speaking out against violence against women. These campaigns are part of a new, multi-year domestic violence prevention strategy released by the province.