Posted on 01/30/2013, 3:23 pm, by

Steinbach Christian High School (SCHS), a local, independent – faith based school, has recently expressed concerns regarding proposed government legislation and how it might erode the religious freedoms, independent governance and operations of their school.

Of due concern is Bill 18: the Public Schools Amendment Act (Safe and Inclusive Schools) recently proposed by the Government of Manitoba. Scott Wiebe, Principal of Steinbach Christian High School states, ‘SCHS believes that all students are to be respected as persons created by God and all must be afforded a safe learning environment.’ However, concerns raised by SCHS regarding the legislation pertain to religious freedoms of its school. The all-inclusive wording currently proposed in the legislation, might limit SCHS’s faith distinctive teachings and restrict the school’s ability to direct student led activities and groups. This would include the determination of the agenda and any guests of such a group whose values might be in direct contradiction to the school’s statement of faith. SCHS has met with the Department of Education to express its concerns regarding the proposed legislation and is working with other parties to ensure that religious freedoms for faith based ‘schools of choice’ will be honoured.

SCHS will be holding an Information Meeting and Prayer Forum, at its facilities on Highway 12 North in Steinbach, on February 24, 2013, at 7:30 PM. The community at large is encouraged to attend this forum as we seek to uphold the Christian faith distinctive in our schools and community.