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RCMP D Division is pleased to introduce the D Division Action Response Team (DART), a crime reduction strategy that involves leveraging RCMP resources to address specific emerging public safety issues.

RCMP set up checkstops

RCMP set up checkstops in Norway House and surrounding areas during a three-day blitz.

The Team’s first deployment, between January 31st and February 2nd in Norway House, was in response to concerns about increasing calls for police service involving impaired driving and the unlawful transportation of alcohol into the ‘dry’ community often ending with violence and other serious criminal code offences.

The Norway House DART initiative consisted of 15 RCMP officers from across the province deployed from their regular duties to assist Norway House Detachment members. These officers were selected because of their background and experience in their current duties, including: traffic enforcement, general duty and criminal intelligence gathering.

During the three-day blitz, RCMP DART members set up checkstops in Norway House and surrounding areas, which resulted in:

  • 302 vehicles were checked
  • One person was charged with driving over .08
  • Two 24-hour alcohol-related roadside suspensions
  • 52 people were charged under the Liquor Control Act
  • 42 people were charged under the Highway Traffic Act (many charges included unlicenced drivers and unregistered vehicles)
  • Two persons were charged for possession of marihuana under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • 1,464 beers were seized
  • 32 (750 ml) bottles of liquor seized

Overall, calls for police service in Norway House decreased by more than 50% during this initiative when compared to similar time-frames. On a typical weekend, Norway House RCMP receive an average of 84 calls for service, usually involving alcohol related violence resulting in several prisoners being lodged. This past weekend, during the DART initiative, the RCMP responded to 38 calls for service, with violent offences notably absent.

DART offers another tool to support RCMP detachments across the province in their crime reduction strategies.

“We are always looking at ways to make effective use of our resources in preventing crime,” said Assistant Commissioner Kevin Brosseau. “The RCMP will continue to make Manitoba streets safer.”