Posted on 02/06/2013, 10:04 am, by the City of Steinbach

The City of Steinbach has recently released a list of accomplishments and statistics for this past year. Included in the list are the following:

  • The City began the year with a road network of 112.5 km and added approximately 2.2 km by December.
  • The Steinbach Fire Department responded to 353 emergency calls during the year. Seventy-two of those were for fires and 114 were for MVIs.
  • The zamboni at the TG Smith Center flooded the rinks about 3,000 times.
  • The 2012 total value of all property and improvements in the City was assessed at a market value of over $1.36 billion.
  • More than 108,000 people visited the Steinbach Aquatic Centre and 4,490 people took swimming lessons.
  • The City’s underground water pipe network grew by about 2.2 km to reach a total of 80.7 km by the end of the year. The sewer pipe network is even larger, reaching a total length of 95.6 km by the end of 2012.
  • Total City financial transactions for the year exceeded $39.5 million.
  • The Steinbach Landfill received and handled over 32,000 tonnes of solid waste during the year. Of that waste, 2038 tonnes was material from the destruction of Main Street buildings and part of Clear Spring Centre to make way for the new Steinbach Credit Union and Wal-Mart. 31,504 vehicles entered the landfill in 2012… that’s an average of 126 per working day.
  • The annual Christmas light display on City streets includes 500 strings containing 22,000 light bulbs.
  • The Parks and Rec department mowed and maintained 225 acres of green space during the year.
  • The summer beautification program set up and maintained 350 hanging flower baskets on City streets and tended to another 900 dozen plants and flowers during the year.
  • The City approved nearly 400 building permits in the year worth over $122 million in new construction. This included 272 dwelling units of which 133 were single or two-family buildings.
  • The Parks and Rec department placed and maintained more than 76 waste containers and 87 recycle containers throughout the city to help keep out community clean.