Posted on 03/03/2013, 9:21 am, by mySteinbach

The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry, and the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, recently introduced the Combating Counterfeit Products Act. This new legislation will protect Canadian consumers, Canadian manufacturers and retailers as well as the Canadian economy from the health and economic threats presented by counterfeit goods coming into Canada.

“Our Government is standing up for Canadian consumers and businesses, ensuring they do not fall victim to trademark counterfeiting. In today’s global marketplace, we need strong, modern rules to protect our economy and the health and safety of Canadians and their families,” said Minister Paradis. “Counterfeit products hurt our economy, undermine innovation, threaten jobs and expose consumers and their families to unsafe products.”

The Combating Counterfeit Products Act will provide the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) with the authority to take action against the commercial movement of counterfeit goods at the border, and will also include new criminal offences for commercial trademark counterfeiting. It will also allow Canadian businesses to file a request for assistance with the CBSA, in turn, enabling border officers to share information with them regarding suspect shipments.

“Counterfeiting poses health and safety risks to Canadians. Goods made using inferior or dangerous materials may lead to injury and even death. Proceeds from the sale of counterfeit goods may be used to support organized crime groups,” said Minister Toews. “This Bill will provide the CBSA and RCMP with new enforcement tools to better protect against commercial counterfeiting activities, both at the border and domestically.”

The value of counterfeit goods seized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police surpassed $38 million in 2012, a five-fold increase since 2005. As Canada continues to negotiate new trade agreements and expand trade links to new markets around the world, it is imperative that Canadians have an effective regime to protect against counterfeit goods coming into Canada.

“As outlined by the Prime Minister, our Government is focused on the priorities that Canadians care most about including their families and the safety of their streets and communities,” concluded Minister Paradis.