Posted on 03/22/2013, 10:17 am, by

Vic Toews, Regional Minister for MP for Provencher, welcomes the new federal budget – Economic Action Plan 2013 – and its continued focus on job creation, economic growth, and long-term prosperity as good news for Manitoba. The Plan, which will see Canada return to balanced budgets in 2015, keeps federal taxes at their lowest level in 50 years.

“Under our Conservative government, Canada has had the best job creation record among all G-7 countries since the worst of the global recession with over 950,000 net new jobs,” said Minister Toews. “However, we recognize that the global economy remains very challenging. In Economic Action Plan 2013, our government remains squarely focused on the number one priority of Canadians, with a forward-looking plan to help create jobs and grow the economy in Manitoba and across Canada.”

Minister Toews outlined that Economic Action Plan 2013 includes key measures to strengthen Canada’s economy, including:

  • Increased skills and training support, including the new $15,000 Canada Job Grant, to help more Canadians find high-quality, well-paying jobs;
  • Tax breaks for manufacturers who buy new machinery and equipment to stay competitive, and an extended ‘hiring credit’ for small businesses who create jobs;
  • A record $70 billion federal investment in infrastructure across Canada, including roads, bridges, subways, rail lines, and ports;
  • Major investments in research and technology;
  • New tax relief for Canadians who give to charity, adopt a child, or rely on homecare services;
  • Elimination of ‘import tax’ tariffs on everyday items Canadian families buy, like baby clothing, sports gear, and exercise equipment;
  • $1.4 billion in tax savings through an extension of the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance;
  • And much more.

Specifically for Manitoba, Economic Action Plan 2013 includes the following:

  • $3.4 billion in Federal transfers to the Province;
  • Infrastructure upgrades at the Emerson Port-of-Entry

Economic Action Plan 2013 also confirmed the Conservative government’s continued all-time record support for hospitals, schools, and other important health and social services in Manitoba. In fact, in 2013-14, federal transfer support to Manitoba will be $643 million higher than under the former federal Liberal government.

“All Manitobans remember the former Liberal government slashed transfers for health care and education. Our Conservative government rejects that shameful practice, and is protecting and growing transfers to help support the services that Manitoba families depend on,” said Minister Toews.