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Swan River Region

The Swan River at the town of Swan River crested late yesterday. Water levels in town dropped 0.2 feet since yesterday and water levels upstream of the town are continuing to decline.

Most tributaries in the region are near crest or have already crested. Flows on most streams continue to be high.

Red River and Tributaries

The Red River has crested at Letellier. This crest will move north through Manitoba and is expected to be at or near the levels of the earlier crest.

Levels at James Avenue are unchanged from yesterday at approximately 17.9 ft. Levels and flows in Winnipeg have stabilized.

Flows on nearly all Red River tributaries are declining with the exception of the Roseau River. Water levels at all points on the Roseau River in Manitoba are generally near crest and remain within bank.

The Pembina River is cresting between Swan Lake and La Rivière. Levels upstream from this point are generally dropping. Levels downstream from La Rivière into the United States are expected to continue to rise as the crest moves through.

Assiniboine River

Flows on the upstream portion of the Assiniboine River basin in Saskatchewan are contributing substantial amounts of water to the Shellmouth Reservoir.

Flows on the Qu’Appelle River have increased in response to high run-off in the Saskatchewan portion of the basin.

The Portage Diversion continues to operate as per established protocols. Flows on the Portage Diversion are 4,200 cubic feet per second (cfs), while flows on the Assiniboine River downstream of Portage la Prairie are being reduced to 6,500 cfs to stabilize levels.

Souris River and Pipestone Creek

Water levels on the Souris River continue to rise from the United States border up to Hartney. Low-lying areas may flood but water levels are forecast to remain below the flood protection levels of communities along the Souris River.

Flows on Pipestone Creek near Pipestone have crested and are reported to be at or near the banks in some locations.


Ice is beginning to break up and/or melt on most lakes. Due to forecast strong north winds tomorrow and deteriorating ice conditions, there will be a moderate to high risk tomorrow of shoreline ice pileup on Lakes Winnipeg, Manitoba and Winnipegosis, and Dauphin and Pelican lakes.