Posted on 08/23/2013, 3:36 pm, by

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship advises dry conditions and above-average temperatures are increasing fire danger levels in eastern Manitoba and the Interlake.

New burning permits will not be issued for eastern Manitoba and the Interlake, and any permits that have been issued are now cancelled. The province’s water bomber fleet, helicopters and fire crews are on standby to respond to any new fires that are detected.

Campfires will be allowed in enclosed, approved firepits.

Many hunters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts are actively enjoying the outdoors, raising the danger of accidental, human-caused fires. Travellers, hikers and hunters, and anyone in wooded and grassland areas are encouraged to be cautious.

All-terrain vehicle riders are advised to stay on developed trails, stop frequently to check areas around the engine and exhaust for debris, and carefully dispose of any debris found. They are also asked to carry a small shovel, axe and fire extinguisher on their vehicles at all times.

A permit is required for any burning, including crop residue, within burning permit areas between April 1 and Nov. 15 of each year. Specific information regarding burning permit areas is available through local Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship offices.

Check with local Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship district offices and municipal offices for information on burning bans or local fire restrictions. A list of these offices is available online.

Fires can be reported to Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship by calling 1-800-782-0076 (toll-free). Further information is available at local department district offices or online.