Posted on 09/20/2013, 11:44 am, by the City of Steinbach

Steinbach residents can look forward to having a lot of compost material for next year’s yard and garden projects. The compost pile at the City of Steinbach Landfill is too wet to screen, which is the final stage in the composting process, so it will not be available until next spring.

“The two or three significant rainfalls we have had did us in,” said Solid Waste Department Head, Eldon Wallman, “but it is the biggest pile we have ever had so it will be ready by the tons in spring.”

The size of the compost pile has grown significantly over the past few months, due in large part to the success of curbside organic waste pick-up. The pilot project has been running for residents on Day 4 of the garbage schedule since spring.

Curbside organic waste pick-up is expected to be rolled out city wide in 2014. Residents not part of the pilot project can still participate by taking their organic waste to the landfill at 104 Hanover Road E.

More about the City’s Curbside Organic Waste Pilot Project.