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The Board of Directors of Manitoba Public Insurance announces that the company’s President and CEO, Marilyn McLaren, has decided to retire as an officer and director on February 21, 2014. McLaren’s decision to retire will bring to a close a remarkable career of nearly 35 years of service to the Corporation.

“Marilyn has been an exceptional role model in demonstrating what staff can achieve at Manitoba Public Insurance through hard work, perseverance and commitment to service.  She is a very strong leader, only the sixth President and CEO in the company’s great 41-year history, and one who has managed the company through challenging times,” said Jake Janzen, chair of the board of directors. “The board is grateful for her innumerable contributions to the Corporation and her distinguished tenure as President and CEO over the last nine years.”

“I’ve been privileged to lead such an amazing organization, providing comprehensive auto insurance coverage at affordable rates, with high standards of service and fairness,” McLaren said. “I look forward to working with the board and the management team during the transition period.”

Manitoba Public Insurance, under McLaren’s leadership, achieved notable successes in areas of strategic importance. Here are some of the key accomplishments of the last decade:

In spite of increased variability in severe weather, improvements in basic coverage, and fluctuations in the global economy, the Corporation has delivered on the value equation – where price, coverage, service and access combine to create value for Manitobans. For 14 of the last 15 years the Corporation has either held the line, or reduced rates which have resulted in a cumulative, total rate decrease of 17.8 per cent for Autopac ratepayers.

The auto theft epidemic in Manitoba has been reversed through a coordinated multi-agency strategy – auto theft has been reduced by 85 per cent since 2004; more than 98 per cent of vehicles deemed “most at risk” to be stolen in Winnipeg have now been immobilized against theft.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing branch is now part of Manitoba Public Insurance – bringing a much broader spectrum of services, and far more potential to add value for Manitobans.

The well regarded Driver Safety Rating (DSR) system provides an easy to understand and effective link between Autopac premiums and driving behavior.

The corporation’s relationships with its key business partners are as strong as they have ever been, ensuring future innovations and service improvements will meet the evolving needs of Manitobans.

The board of directors will conduct the process to choose McLaren’s successor and will ensure an effective transition process.