Posted on 11/06/2013, 10:32 am, by the City of Steinbach

With Remembrance Day only a few days away, it was perfect timing for Steinbach City Hall to unveil a new piece of artwork entitled “D-Day – 2013, Oil and Sand on canvas”. The painting was completed by local artist, Ryan Todd Loeppky and incorporates sand that Loeppky personally collected from Juno Beach.

“I wanted to build it for all the men and women who have served and are serving today,” said Leopky, “If they feel something when they look at it and in its reflection, then it has done its job.”

Loeppky’s grandfather served in WWII and this inspired Loeppky to produce the piece, which took more than 50 hours to create.

“We are honoured to have it in City Hall,” said Goertzen at the paintings unveiling, “This will be a great piece for when people and students tour City Hall and have the opportunity to see it.”

Legion representative, Bill Richards as well as Timotthy Cipullo from the U.S. Department of State were also present.

The painting is currently on loan from the Steinbach Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and is one of several pieces of local artwork on display at City Hall.