Posted on 11/13/2013, 3:02 pm, by the City of Steinbach

The blueprints for Steinbach’s new 23,000 square foot curling facility are being finalized and are expected to be released for tender early next week. The building of a new movie theatre has also been confirmed as part of the new facility.

Specific to the new curling facility, Mayor Chris Goertzen had this to say, “Recreation facility renewal is a priority for council and a new curling facility is part of the continued improvements we want to see in our city.”

“The return of the theatre to Steinbach is very exciting,” said Deputy Mayor, Michael Zwaagstra, “It certainly fits with our strategy to maintain and build on our vibrant downtown.”

The City has entered into an agreement with Pete Schellenberg to lease a portion of the facility which will house a 170 seat, state of the art theatre in terms of picture, sound and seating. Schellenberg was the owner of Steinbach’s previous theatre, Keystone Cinema, that was closed to facilitate the building of the new Steinbach Credit Union building.

“I give the City a lot of credit,” said Schellenberg, “It has been a pleasure and a good experience working with the City to make this happen.”

Once blueprints are released, contractors will be able to submit their bids on the entire project. A closing date has not been finalized, but is expected to be about three weeks from date of issue. Bids will then be reviewed and recommendations will be given to council to consider and award.

Construction on the curling rink and theatre are expected to commence quickly after the tender is awarded, with an anticipated completion date in fall 2014.