Posted on 09/10/2014, 9:36 am, by mySteinbach

Southern Health-Santé Sud and Central Youth Suicide Prevention Committee will be partnering today with 12 communities and local organizations to increase awareness around suicide prevention. This year’s theme, by the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, is: “Connecting Canada”.

In support of this year’s theme, we invite everyone to strengthen their connections with themselves and to others so they have supports when life gets difficult. To do this, various community groups and organizations across our region will fly kites to celebrate the day and increase awareness around suicide prevention and mental well-being. Events will take place in Portage la Prairie, Carman, Elie, Swan Lake First Nation, Sandy Bay First Nation, Morden, Elm Creek, Miami, and Winkler.

The kites will fly to demonstrate how strong foundations are built when we connect with ourselves and others. The kite string links us all together. The kite also represents the importance of dreaming and maintaining hope in our life. By bringing various community members and organizations together we can promote resiliency and encourage conversation around mental wellness, care for each other and staying connected. Individuals flying a kite will give themselves the gift of reflection and renewal while having fun. It can be a challenge to keep the kite in the air! Kite flying is a symbol of the innocence of our younger years and represents the hopes for our future.

On suicide prevention day, take time to think about your strengths as an individual or as part of a community and continue to nurture your mental wellness and connection with others.

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