Posted on 09/30/2014, 12:38 pm, by mySteinbach

A celebration was held at the Heartland Quilters headquarters near Steinbach this past Sunday to mark the groups official incorporation.

Kelvin Goertzen and Doris Toews

Steinbach MLA, Kelvin Goertzen and Doris Toews from the Heartland Quilters.

The group was formerly known as VQC/Steinbach branch but has reorganized as Heartland. In 2013 they gifted 175 quilts and expect to donate at least that many this year.

Doris Toews from Heartland Quilters had the opportunity to show Steinbach MLA, Kelvin Goertzen, some of the many quilts that have been made by volunteer quilters. The quilts will be donated to organizations who care for people who are sick or in need.