Posted on 10/03/2014, 1:35 pm, by the City of Steinbach

The large pile of finished compost at the City of Steinbach’s Landfill was loaded up in record time this year. The high quality compost material is popular for local yard and gardening projects.

“We we’re amazed,” said Eldon Wallman, Solid Waste Department Head, “This year the compost pile was very popular and disappeared in only a few days; People were lined up to load their compost.”

The compost pile is the result of considerable use of the community compost depots. Residents of Steinbach and area have been diligently bringing their compostable kitchen, yard and garden waste to one of three depots in the city during the spring and summer months over the past few years. This material is then composted and screened at the Steinbach Landfill every year and used in the City’s parks and gardens, as well as made available to the public at no charge in the fall.

“We encourage residents to continue to bring their organic waste to the Landfill’s compost pile year round,” says Wallman, “Also watch for composting programs starting up again in the spring.”

The City would like to thank the public for their composting efforts and assisting with keeping compostable materials out of the landfill.