Posted on 11/25/2014, 12:27 pm, by mySteinbach
Theo Delaquis

14-year-old Theo Delaquis receives a gold medal.

Theo Delaquis, A youth from Ile des Chenes, Manitoba, recently won a gold medal from The Royal Conservatory of Music for scoring the top examination mark in Manitoba for grade 5 guitar.

Theo received the award this past weekend on Sunday at a public ceremony in Winnipeg. Theo’s music teacher is Conrad Ostrowski.

Regional Gold Medals are awarded each academic year (September 1 to August 31) to Conservatory examination candidates in Preparatory A and B and Grades 1 to 10 who achieve the highest mark in their respective province or designated region. Eligible candidates must score at least 80% on their practical examination and must have completed the co-requisite theory examinations for their respective grade and discipline.

Gold Medal ceremonies are held annually in cities across Canada, often in conjunction with Convocation ceremonies, to recognize students’ achievements and acknowledge the contributions of their teachers.