Posted on 03/08/2015, 9:00 am, by mySteinbach

Collision data collected from 2014 showed there was a 20 per cent increase in collisions on Manitoba roadways following the spring daylight saving time change when compared to all other Mondays in 2014, according to Manitoba Public Insurance.

“The data suggests there can be an affect on drivers when the clocks move forward one hour,” said MaryAnn Kempe, vice-president, Business Development & Communications and Chief Product Officer, Manitoba Public Insurance.

“On the Monday following DST, there were 300 collisions reported, compared to an average of 249 for all other Mondays that year. By raising awareness about this issue, we’re hoping motorists will take the proper steps to ensure they are fully rested and alert when behind the wheel.”

There are a number of medical studies which discuss the spring DST and its impact on motorists. The general belief is that by moving the clock ahead one hour, the body clock is disrupted. While people adjust differently to less sleep, some people feel the affects more than others.