Posted on 07/13/2016, 1:07 pm, by mySteinbach

The province has reached an agreement with the federal government for additional research and analysis to be conducted on several proposals made by the province to further modernize the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). This announcement was made by Premier Brian Pallister.

“We are pleased with the federal government’s openness to a continued dialogue around the modernization of the CPP,” the premier said.

He indicated the results of this research will guide further discussion on the proposals as part of both the next CPP triennial review and are to be included as an agenda item at the next finance ministers’ meeting.

On the basis of the assurance provided by the federal government, Manitoba has agreed to sign the agreement in principle on the enhancement of the Canada Pension Plan proposed at the close of the finance ministers’ meeting in June.

“Our government proposed additional items for consideration by finance ministers which would make CPP not just bigger, but better as well,” the premier said. “We are very pleased by the support that these proposals have received from other jurisdictions and with the willingness of the federal government to conduct research and analysis to support their continued discussion.”

Pallister noted Manitoba’s finance minister spent recent days discussing the province’s proposed enhancements to the agreement in principle with his counterparts from across the country, receiving many favourable responses, and he indicated those discussions will continue.

“Reaching consensus on the provision of affordable enhancements to CPP may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Finance Minister Cameron Friesen. “Several other jurisdictions have indicated their willingness to both discuss and support these measures. Their input on Manitoba’s proposals will be an important part of the continued discussion around the modernization of the CPP.”

Manitoba proposals to be included on the agenda of the next finance ministers’ meeting and as part of the next CPP triennial review include:

  • elimination of the claw back of guaranteed income supplement payments for widowed seniors’ CPP survivor benefits,
  • indexation of the CPP death benefit, and
  • comprehensive review of CPP survivor and disability benefits.

“Manitoba will continue to advocate for full consideration of the measures we have proposed,” said the premier. “We look forward to hearing the views not only of Manitobans, but of all Canadians on these important issues.”