Posted on 07/24/2016, 10:00 am, by mySteinbach

Manitoba Sustainable Development advises the emerald ash borer (EAB) is an extremely destructive insect that has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees in North America and has been spreading into the north eastern United States, Quebec and Ontario.

While the EAB has not been found in Manitoba yet, it has been identified in Minneapolis and more recently in Thunder Bay. This invasive species is transported through the movement of infected ash firewood and the only proven way to manage this pest is to prevent its introduction to Manitoba.

The province already has a number of monitoring and prevention programs in place including:

  • partnering with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and local communities to install and monitor EAB traps along highways,
  • maintaining bins on main highways and reminding visitors to drop off firewood, and
  • enforcing restrictions on movement of raw ash materials.

Prevention is the key and the province is working with all levels of government to take additional steps to prevent the introduction of this devastating invasive species. Efforts include increasing public awareness on the risks of moving firewood, adding more highway signage to remind motorists not to move firewood and implementing stricter controls on the movement of raw ash materials.

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