Bacon on a Stick

Bacon on a Stick


baby back ribs*
1 tbsp (per lb*)
Morton's tenderquick meat cure
1 tsp (per lb*)
brown sugar
1 tsp (per lb*)
maple syrup
1 tsp (per lb*)


Weigh the ribs and add the correct amount of Tenderquick, sugar, and salt needed into a small container and mix together. Brush the ribs with maple syrup on both sides then sprinkle the cure/salt/sugar mixture all over the meat and rub it in very well. Put the ribs in an airtight container or a plastic bag and place in fridge and let cure for 3 days. While it is curing, turn the meat over daily and rub the cure into the meat.

After three days, rinse all of the salt mixture off of the ribs, then place in a sink or large container of cold water for one hour to absorb excessive salt. After soaking is complete, pat dry with paper towels and allow the outside of the meat to dry.

Place in smoker and cold smoke lightly with maple wood chips for eight hours. Refrigerate overnight for maple smoke flavors to blend. The ribs can now be frozen for future use or cooked immediately.

For best results, slow cook ribs for four hours at 275F to 300F in a covered roaster. Remove from oven then place on the barbeque on high heat for approximately five minutes per side (enough to lightly crisp up). Brush on your favorite barbeque sauce part way through.

What you have now are ribs that taste identical to bacon. Enjoy!

Yield: 8 Servings
Category: Meat
Contributor: Devin Cross