Buffalo-Style Pork Tenderloin Salad

Pork Tenderloin Salad


Earls pork tenderloin (well trimmed - 12oz)
2 tbsp
canola oil
cloves garlic (minced)
2 tsp
soy sauce
2 tbsp
hot Asian chili sauce
1/2 tbsp
prepared mustard
1 tbsp
lemon juice
to taste
salt and pepper
1 pkg
spring mix salad greens
1/4 c
crumbled blue cheese (optional)
bottled ranch dressing


Butterfly pork tenderloin by cutting horizontally, not quite through. Open and lay flat. In a small glass bowl, stir together oil, garlic, soy sauce, chili sauce, mustard, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Place pork and marinade in a zip lock bag. Seal bag and refrigerate 2 to 24 hours. Remove pork from marinade and pat dry. Discard marinade.

Cook pork in a non-stick skillet or grill pan, about 5-7 minutes per side. Remove pork to a cutting board or plate. Tent loosely with foil and let rest 5 minutes before slicing. Arrange pork slices on salad greens. Add salad ingredients of your choosing. Sprinkle with crumbled blue cheese and drizzle with your favourite style of ranch dressing.

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Yield: 4 Servings
Category: Salad & Dressing