On Parliament Hill

Trudeau Government Sells Out Canadian Embassy Security to China

  • Ted Falk, Author
  • Member of Parliament, Provencher

Canadians know that China’s communist government is not our friend.

  • The Government of China has engaged in spying and cyber-attacks against Canada for years.
  • They provided false information to the world about COVID-19.
  • They are holding Canadian citizens hostage.
  • They have banned our world-class canola and pork.
  • They are encroaching on our sovereignty in the Arctic.
  • They oppress their own people, persecuting Christians and other religious minorities.
  • Since coming to power in 1949, they have murdered tens of millions of their own citizens.

Moreover, all Chinese citizens have a legal duty to cooperate with state intelligence and security agencies.

Why then did the Liberals recently give a company with deep ties to the Chinese government a contract to do security in our embassies?

The contract, to provide X-ray machines, was awarded to Nuctech: a Beijing-based, state-controlled company – listed by the U.S. Security Council as a threat to Western security – founded by the son of former Chinese Communist Party Leader, Hu Jintao.

As a result of subsides offered by the Chinese government, Nuctech was able to undercut the bids of Western competitors.

Public Services and Procurement Canada followed their policy of awarding the contract to the lowest bidder and, inexplicably, didn’t seem to question the notion of placing significant pieces of Chinese technology in every Canadian embassy.

While the government claims the machines will not be connected to embassy networks, hard-drives would still be accessible and data downloadable when the machines are serviced. Moreover, Nuctech employees – i.e. employees of the Chinese security and intelligence complex – would be allowed into each of our embassies to install the equipment.

Talk about inviting the fox to guard the chicken coop.

Worse yet, this is not the first but rather the fifth contract the Liberal government has awarded to Nuctech in the past year!

To be fair, Foreign Affairs Minister Francois Phillipe-Champagne has launched a review of this particular contract, but there is a larger question here: Why Justin Trudeau’s dangerous obsession with communist China?

  • Justin Trudeau stated that he “admired” China’s basic dictatorship.
  • Justin Trudeau held cash-for-access fundraisers with Chinese billionaires.
  • Justin Trudeau refuses to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G network.
  • Justin Trudeau sent $256 million Canadian tax dollars to invest in the Chinese-controlled Asian Infrastructure Bank.
  • Justin Trudeau sent 16 tonnes of Canadian PPE to China, putting Canadians at risk.

When appointed Foreign Affairs Minister – by Justin Trudeau – Francois Philippe-Champagne still had two mortgages, with an outstanding balance of $1.2 million, with the state-owned Bank of China. When you owe someone more than $1 million, the potential for influence and abuse is ever-present. Small wonder he stated – on Chinese State TV – that communist “China stands out as a beacon of stability, predictability, a rule-based system, a very inclusive society.”

Communist China is not our friend.

The Liberal government needs to explain to Canadians why they don’t understand this indisputable fact and why they refuse to protect our national security.