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Randolph Church

  • Barry Dyck, Guest Author
  • Retired Executive Director, MHV

Several years ago when a decision was made to wrap up the ministry of the Chortitzer Church at Randolph, the Chortitzer Mennonite Conference approached MHV about the possibility of donating their building to our museum. For various reasons MHV was unable to receive the building at that time, so an ad-hoc committee of interested persons was formed, with a view to preserving the building for its historic value.

On January 8, 2014, the Rural Municipality of Hanover passed a bylaw granting Municipal Heritage Status to the site. On April 19 at 7:00 PM, the committee will host a special Easter service in that building. The service will include a cappella music led by David Wiebe and a message by Bishop David Reimer. Reverend Sam Doerksen will emcee the event. Everyone is welcome.

The notice on our bulletin board includes the following statement: “Please note that as a heritage building, the Church has little by way of washroom facility.”