On Parliament Hill

Supporting Our Energy Workers

  • Ted Falk, Author
  • Member of Parliament, Provencher

Last week, I was called to Ottawa for an emergency meeting of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources to discuss the Liberal Government’s plan to resurrect the Trans Mountain Pipeline project.

There was only one problem – they have no plan.

Conservatives brought forward a motion to call upon the Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Finance to appear before the Committee and present their plan. However, rather than standing with the Conservative and NDP MPs calling for this necessary update, the Liberal majority on the Committee defeated the motion.

When the Liberals announced that they were nationalizing the existing Trans Mountain pipeline, Canadians were told that their $4.5 billion would allow construction to begin immediately. The reality is that now taxpayers are the shareholders of this monstrous Liberal boondoggle and not one new centimetre of pipeline has been built.

Justin Trudeau has never been a supporter of Canada’s energy sector and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it creates for Canadians across the country. Not only did he impose his wildly unpopular federal Carbon Tax on Canadians, he also publicly stated that the oil sands should be phased out and that the price of gas should be set prohibitively high in order to discourage its use. Of course, all this is in addition to failures on the Energy East pipeline and the Northern Gateway expansion.

Fortunately there is an alternative to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Unlike the current government, Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Conservatives have a plan for Canada’s economy. Conservatives will continue to champion the Canadian energy and the hardworking men and women in our natural resources sector. In fact, Andrew Scheer has promised that his first act as Prime Minister will be to repeal Justin Trudeau’s job killing Carbon Tax.