The Public Utilities Board (Board) approved the application of Centra Gas Manitoba Inc. (Centra) to decrease the current Primary Gas rate from $0.1916/m3 to $0.1343/m3 effective February 1, 2022.

Primary Gas is a pass-through cost for Centra, meaning that Centra charges customers only what Centra pays for Primary Gas and does not make a profit on its sale.

The new rate is projected to decrease the bill for a typical residential customer by approximately 14.2% or $121/year. Primary Gas rates will be reviewed again May 1, 2022.

Primary Gas rates for customers that have signed fixed-term fixed-price contracts, with either Centra or a private broker, are not affected.

The Board is an impartial tribunal and regulator, at arm’s length from government, that acts in the public interest.