As part of the Manitoba government’s vision for the Perimeter Highway as a fully-access controlled freeway, project planning has now started for a new interchange at the intersection of Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 100 and St. Anne’s Road to improve traffic operations and safety.

“Building on our multimodal transportation hubs and trade gateways creates opportunities for a more prosperous and sustainable future for all Manitobans,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk. “Investing in transportation infrastructure supports economic growth and provides opportunities to invest in Manitoba.”

A safer and more efficient Perimeter Highway, similar to the U.S. Interstate Highway System, responds to residential and commercial growth in the city of Winnipeg and surrounding communities, the minister noted.

“Planning for the future also accommodates anticipated population growth of Winnipeg and surrounding areas to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency of our roadways,” said Piwniuk.

The project includes:

  • designing and constructing the new interchange;
  • reconstructing pavement along a 4.4-kilometre section of the highway;
  • building a railway overpass at the Canadian Pacific Railway crossing the Perimeter Highway;
  • installing a pedestrian crossing under the Perimeter Highway along the Seine River; and
  • acquiring land and relocating utilities as required.

The St. Anne’s Road Interchange project supports the upgrade of the South Perimeter Highway to a free-flow, access-controlled modern freeway. The Perimeter Highway is a critical economic route for Winnipeg and is a key link in Manitoba’s network of national trade corridors, the minister noted, adding that this project will grow Manitoba as a transportation hub to better enable trade access to markets and support investment in trade industries.

“Our government continues investing in critical infrastructure projects recommended in the South Perimeter Highway Safety Plan and that build toward the Winnipeg One Million Perimeter Freeway Initiative,” said Piwniuk. “Strategic investments in highways not only increase safety and sustainability but also enhance Manitoba’s position as a national and international transportation hub.”

The minister noted the project will use a design-build delivery model for construction, which will allow construction on some components to begin before the full project design is completed.

A similar interchange project at the Perimeter Highway and St. Mary’s Road is scheduled to be open in June 2024. An interchange at PTH 3 and McGillivray Boulevard is in the planning and detailed design phase.

“The Perimeter Highway is an important economic corridor, key to moving goods and people efficiently to their destinations in and out of Winnipeg,” said Chris Lorenc, president and CEO, Manitoba Heavy Construction Association. “Making the Perimeter Highway seamless and safer also, in turn, will relieve the pressure of traffic from city roads as vehicles are then more likely to choose the faster route.”

“Members of the Manitoba Trucking Association welcome infrastructure investments such as the new interchange at PTH 100 and St. Anne’s Road,” said Aaron Dolyniuk, executive director, Manitoba Trucking Association. “Our industry moves materials and products from Manitoba to local, national, and global markets. Upgrading the South Perimeter Highway is good for Manitoba’s economy as it allows us to do our work more efficiently. However, these investments benefit all Manitobans by making the roads safer, for all users. We welcome this and other interchange improvement projects along the Perimeter Highway, and we look forward to their completion.”

The interchange projects support the 2023 Multi-year Infrastructure Investment Strategy, which outlines over $4.1 billion in strategic investment in roads, highways, bridges, airports and flood protection over the next five years, and confirm the Manitoba government’s commitment to building the economy and investing in the future, the minister noted.

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