Justice Minister Matt Wiebe announced that as part of Budget 2024, the Manitoba government is investing in community safety by offering a $300 rebate for homeowners and small business owners to purchase security equipment.

“Everyone should feel safe in their home and their community,” said Wiebe. “This rebate is a step our government committed to during the election to help build a culture of safety throughout our province and we are following through on that commitment today. This is just one part of our government’s plan to make communities safer and lower costs for Manitobans. By taking advantage of this rebate, people can equip their homes with cameras, lights or other security measures and save some money while doing it.”

Homeowners and small businesses can take advantage of the rebate offered by the province. Upgrades eligible for a rebate include security cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors, reinforced doors or windows, anti-graffiti film, paints, security gates, pull-down protection shutters and permanent security fencing.

Ongoing subscriptions or monthly fees for existing alarm systems are not eligible. Only equipment associated with the alarm is covered by the rebate.

“Two years ago, a stranger vandalized our only car, breaking our back windshield,” said Anamika Deb, a homeowner in Fort Richmond. “Having lived in the area for over a decade, it left us shocked and made us anxious in our own community. We installed a blink doorbell as extra assurance, but it added to our family’s costs. That’s why this security system rebate is great news. It feels good to know that our government is here for us.”

The minister noted any purchase made after Sept. 1, 2023, is eligible to receive the $300 rebate. The application system for the rebate will launch this June and applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Manitobans with multiple homes or business locations in the province will only be eligible to apply for one location. The minister noted the rebate can apply to multiple expenses for a single property or business under the $300 threshold.