As another difficult wildfire season is underway in many provinces and territories, the governments of Canada and Manitoba are committed to continuing to support Canadians and Manitobans, while strengthening our ability to adapt to a changing climate.

Recently, federal Emergency Preparedness Minister Harjit Sajjan, president of the King’s Privy Council for Canada and minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada, was joined by federal Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal, on behalf of the federal Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, to make an announcement with Manitoba Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses, to jointly invest $38.4 million over four years under the Government of Canada’s Fighting and Managing Wildfires in a Changing Climate Program – Equipment Fund (FMWCC) to support Manitoba’s efforts to purchase wildland firefighting equipment to enhance provincial readiness and capacity to prepare for and respond to wildland fires.

“Ensuring the proper resources are available to our wildfire service is critical, as we can see right now in Manitoba,” said Manitoba Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses. “This investment will strengthen our ability to respond to these natural disasters that are increasingly more common. Our government will always prioritize the safety of Manitobans and we are pleased to see this timely support from the federal government that will bolster our ability to fight these wildfires.”

Funding announced today will help Manitoba purchase and upgrade firefighting equipment to increase wildland fire preparedness and response efforts, improve safety for communities and firefighters alike, and strengthen capacities and capabilities for resource exchange across Canada. In addition, the funding will support the purchase of additional training equipment and materials to improve training and increase the number of skilled wildland firefighters and other staff.

Keeping Canadians safe and healthy is a top priority for the Government of Canada. By working together with provinces, territories and Indigenous communities and our international allies, the federal government continues to address and support the fight against wildfires and combating the effects of climate change, while ensuring public safety and protecting homes, livelihoods and lives.