Organizers of World Pork Expo are anticipating a bump in attendance during 2018, the 30th anniversary edition, of the annual event.

World Pork Expo, slated for June 6, 7 and 8 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, is observing its 30th anniversary with a dramatically expanded trade show.

Doug Fricke, the Director, Trade Show Marketing with the National Pork Producers Council, says one of the biggest changes for 2018 is the addition of the Jacobson Exhibition Center, a large building which will allow an additional 75 to 100 companies to participate with indoor displays in the trade show.

We’ve got the attendance that really drives the companies to want to be here and we’ve got a good crossroads of the U.S. where people can gather and look at what’s new in the industry. It’s built itself up over time as one of the premier events for the pork industry.

We’re all over the globe as far as who attends and the attendance will definitely see a bump this year because it is our 30th anniversary so we’re expecting to see a few more folks attend. Our typical attendance is 20 thousand plus and I think we were closer to 25 last year. I would anticipate our attendance would be somewhere in that neighborhood again. A majority of those folks are going to dive in or take a day trip in to see the events and really experience what Expo has to offer.

~ Doug Fricke, National Pork Producers Council

Fricke notes on-line registration for World Pork Expo is open until May 31 and you can find the registration form at He says those who miss the on-line registration can register on site at gate 15.