John H. Giesbrecht has proudly announced his candidacy for the 2018 elections for Councillor of Ward 4 in the RM of Hanover.

John is entering a full race, but believes he is offering a different and needed vision for Ward 4 taxpayers this election year. “My whole platform is based on ensuring Ward 4 Taxpayers are always put first in every decision made at the Council table,” said Giesbrecht. “To hold this provincial and federal government to account for promised infrastructure funds that we pay for through our taxes, we must receive our fair share in Ward 4.”

Giesbrecht plans to go door to door in Ward 4 over the election period to get the message out on his platform and address questions Taxpayers have for him directly. “I have spent my whole life in the service industry in one business or another and that’s how I’ll run my campaign and conduct myself as a Councillor if elected,” stated John. “Going door to door direct to the Taxpayer is part of that customer first mentality.”

“Through conversations with many local residents, it is clear that broken promises has been an issue in the past,” added John. “I want to ensure all people in my riding that I will conduct myself with integrity and keep promises made to taxpayers.”

Giesbrecht noted that election day is October 24th, 2018 and he is happy to have residents call him at 204-346-2310 to ask any questions you have about himself or the campaign.