The Public Utilities Board of Manitoba (PUB) has approved adjustments to natural gas rates effective November 1, 2019, arising from the Centra Gas Manitoba Inc. (“Centra”) General Rate Application.

As a result of Centra’s strong financial position, the Utility did not seek a general revenue increase in this rate application but sought rate changes that would result in a number of customer classes receiving rate decreases. The Small General Service Customer Class (which includes residential customers) will benefit from a rate decrease effective November 1, 2019.

Based on the decisions in the Board’s Order, the reduction in natural gas rates will be recalculated and finalized and made public before November 1, 2019 in a future Board Order.

The PUB is an independent, quasi-judicial administrative tribunal that has broad oversight and supervisory powers over public utilities and designated monopolies, as set out in statute. The PUB considers both the impact to customers and financial requirements of the utility in approving rates.

Board Order No. 152-19, contains additional information on the general rate application and the Board’s decision. The Order is available on the Board’s website at, or through the Board’s Office.