On February 28, 2020, Steinbach MLA and Manitoba Minister of Education, Kelvin Goertzen, will celebrate Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) with grade 2 students at Mitchell Elementary School in Mitchell, Manitoba.

“Learn – Connect – Understand” is the underlying charter for Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month. The theme for CALM in Manitoba in 2020 is “Technology”. Volunteers will play AITC-M’s new Agriculture Innovation activities with students, read books related to technology in agriculture and share their agriculture story. Through CALM, students put a face to agriculture and make a connection to food and the journey it takes to their plate. 165 volunteer agriculture professionals will share their story with students across the province.

Thousands of students will participate in Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba’s (AITC-M) flagship program, Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month in March.

Another event during CALM will include Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen celebrating CALM with grade 6 students at Carman Collegiate on February 24 at 1pm.

Both Ministers will read an agriculture-related book with students, teaching them how technology in agriculture has advanced. Minister Pedersen and Minister Goertzen will officially proclaim March 2020 to be Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month in Manitoba.

“We are thrilled to have Minister Pedersen and Minister Goertzen celebrate CALM with students – it’s a perfect opportunity to bring agriculture and education together,” says Sue Clayton, AITC-M’s Executive Director. “We envision a future where all Manitobans are agriculture literate. Giving students opportunities to learn where their food comes from is integral to achieving our vision.”

CALM will build on its past success of connecting people who work in agriculture with teachers and students across the country, which is crucial for informing future consumers, many of whom are three generations removed from life on the farm.

In 2020, CALM will reach 8,206 students in 403 classes with a team of 165 volunteers in 188 schools in Manitoba.