Dow AgroSciences has unveiled a new class of canola which produces a higher quality canola meal.

Yesterday, as part of a session held in conjunction with the 2017 Banff Pork Seminar, Dow AgroSciences announced it has developed a new class of canola that produces a nutritionally superior canola meal.

David Dzisiak, theĀ  Commercial Leader Grains and Oils North America with Dow AgroSciences, says the new canola meal contains higher protein and phosphorus levels and lower levels of fibre while retaining the same oil content.

Traditionally canola has been know for its oil quality and the big emphasis has been on perfecting that and making that a really valuable product for consumers. There is very little effort put into canola meal improvement beyond lowering the glucosinolate levels back in the 1970s. So putting in better, high quality protein, reducing the antinutritional factors gives us a product that can go into markets that traditional canola never really fit into.

Historically canola meals fit best into the dairy market. Its got good bypass protein that really helps dairy cows improve milk production but it’s been used at a very low level in monogastric rations. So, with the improvements that we’ve made around higher quality protein, lower fibre content, it can now fit into a monogastric ration at a much higher inclusion rate than it ever could before.

What it really is targeted to replace is soybean meal. For soybean meal, most of it is imported from the U.S. It’s become more expensive because of the Canadian dollar so we can offer producers a product that lets them maintain their animal production but at a lower cost of production.

~ David Dzisiak, Dow AgroSciences

Dzisiak says the impact on profitability will depend on the exact ration being used but generally canola meal would tend to be 10 to 15 percent cheaper than soybean meal on a protein equivalent basis, enough of a saving that it could make a substantial improvement in the cost of producing an animal.