Posted on 12/15/2013, 11:22 am, by mySteinbach

The Manitoba government is partnering with central Manitoba municipalities by investing more than $1.6 million in municipal roads to keep communities linked and ensure driving for local families, commercial travelers and tourists is safe and smooth. This announcement was made by Municipal Government Minister Stan Struthers.

“Good roads are the arteries of a healthy economy and must be continually maintained and improved to help businesses in our communities thrive and grow with good jobs for our young people at home,” said Minister Struthers. “This funding is directed at the roads Manitobans have prioritized and reflects our government’s commitment to support economic growth in the strong communities in this region.”

Twenty-five central Manitoba communities identified 33 roads requiring replacement or repairs that will receive provincial funding the minister said. Across the province, the Manitoba government will upgrade 260 kilometres of municipal roads by investing $21 million, with municipal governments matching that investment.

“Today’s announcement is a good example of municipalities and the province working together,” said Doug Dobrowolski, president, Association of Manitoba Municipalities. “Investing in core infrastructure like roads and water projects helps make our communities economically viable, which in turn makes Manitoba stronger.”

Minister Struthers also announced four water and sewer infrastructure projects have been completed this year thanks to more than $2.6 million in partnership funding from the province.

“Projects like these clearly demonstrate our commitment to support stability and economic growth in rural areas by investing in important infrastructure like improvements and upgrades to water and sewer systems,” he said. “Not only will these upgrades improve accessibility to clean water and waste-water disposal, but also help these communities prepare for future growth by attracting families and businesses.”

The minister said the 2013-14 budget provided the Manitoba Water Services Board with an additional $12 million over three years from the Municipal Water and Sewer Infrastructure Fund for water and sewer infrastructure projects in rural Manitoba.

The projects involved in today’s announcement include:

  • RM of Morris – construction of a low-pressure sewer system to eliminate the Riverside community’s septic fields at an estimated total cost of $1 million with a provincial contribution of $300,000;
  • RM of Elton – expansion of the water pipeline system to service new connections at an estimated total cost of $225,000 with a provincial contribution $75,000;
  • RM of Rockwood – expansion of the Balmoral waste-water lagoon at an estimated total cost for the study and expansion of $2,042,000 with a provincial contribution of $1,021,000; and
  • RM of Woodworth – upgrades to the water-supply wells, installation of a raw water-supply pipeline and expansion of the water-treatment plant and reservoir at an estimated total cost of $2.5 million with a provincial contribution of $1.25 million.

“The safe containment and disposal of waste water will help protect our lakes and rivers, and reduce the amount of nutrients entering our waterways, which is critical to saving Lake Winnipeg,” Minister Struthers said. “We are proud to work with municipalities to help them provide clean, safe water services in their areas.”