Representatives of the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce met with the Hanover Community Development Corporation to discuss the recent announcement that Hanover Council is looking to develop an economic development strategy for the municipality.

In the meeting, members of Hanover Council shared the plans that they have been working on, the direction they are hoping to go, and some of the challenges that they have encountered. The Steinbach Chamber’s President, Tim Schmitt, and Vice-President, Wayne Patram, were glad to have the opportunity to meet with the Hanover CDC and are excited about the work they are doing.

The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce not only wanted to meet with Hanover CDC to hear about their economic development plans, but also to show support for their efforts as success in Hanover will also have a positive impact on businesses in Steinbach.

“The growth and development of towns, cities, and municipalities affects the neighbouring communities,” said Tim Schmitt. “The entire Southeast community benefits when any part moves forward and grows.”

Many success stories in the Southeast region are based on partnerships where two or more groups worked together to achieve a larger goal. The communities of Steinbach, Hanover, and hopefully others in the Southeast will continue to find opportunities to work together to bring more businesses, products, services, and jobs to our region.