The Manitoba government is looking for input from campers and provincial park users on ways to improve the process and experience for people using the Parks Reservation Service to make campground reservations.

“We have collected feedback from campers who encountered difficulties making reservations this year and in years past,” said Conservation and Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard. “We are looking to make the process easier for campers and are seeking to validate our understanding of the suggestions received. We also need additional feedback on some potential program shifts that could assist campers booking vacations.”

This past spring, Manitoba saw a record-breaking volume of people attempting to reserve campsites. The current system offers staggered booking dates, designed to space out the rush of campers trying to book their favourite sites. However, as more and more people have used the system, long lines and technological issues have caused further delays and in some cases knocked customers out of the queue before they completed their reservations.

The province is seeking input from Manitobans on ways to improve the booking process to make it easier for campers in the short term, while also working toward replacing the outdated system. An online EngageMB survey asks a number of questions aimed at guiding the process toward a reliable, convenient and fair reservation system. Improving the Parks Reservation Service will be a key component in the development of a broader strategy to modernize and improve Manitoba’s provincial parks, noted the minister

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