Posted on 06/09/2012, 11:01 am, by mySteinbach
John Funk, Greg Fehr, Mavis Taillieu and Vic Toews

Niverville councillor John Funk, Mayor Greg Fehr, MLA for Morris Mavis Taillieu and Provencher MP Vic Toews toast the upgrades to the Niverville Water Treatment Plant.

Representatives from the federal, provincial and municipal governments joined Niverville residents today to celebrate the completion of important upgrades to the town’s water treatment plant.

To meet increasing demands, the existing water reservoir was expanded to provide an additional 1.2 million litres of storage. As well, the water treatment system was upgraded with new technology that is more effective at filtering debris. This work was critical to help ensure that Niverville residents have high quality potable water.

“Canada’s Economic Action Plan has created jobs and delivered results to communities across Manitoba and all over the country,” said the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety and MP for Provencher. “Not only will these upgrades help the water plant meet future demands, but area residents will continue to enjoy clean, safe drinking water for years to come.”

“Expanding water services in rural communities is essential to promoting health, community stability and growth, and economic prosperity,” said the Honourable Ron Lemieux, Manitoba Local Government Minister. “This is why investment in this type of infrastructure is an important part of our commitment to Manitobans. Our province will continue to focus on providing clean drinking water to all communities in Manitoba.”

“This project is the first phase in a project that prepares the Town of Niverville for the continued sustainable growth that we have been experiencing” said Niverville Mayor Greg Fehr. “As Manitoba’s fastest growing urban centre, it is critical that we have proper infrastructure in place to serve the continued needs of the community and prepare to bring the older portions of the community on par with the new standards of development. This phase along with the future water line systems will also allow us to complete priorities of business development and recreational amenities in a responsible and prudent manner. With the capacity now in place for both potable water and fire suppression, we look forward to the continued cooperation of all levels of government as we continue with the water system plan for the entire community.”

The governments of Canada and Manitoba each committed $832,300 under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. The Town of Niverville provided the same amount towards the total eligible project costs of $2,496,900.

As part of the Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund supported more than 4,100 infrastructure projects across the country. Together, the federal government and Province of Manitoba committed close to $280 million to 111 projects under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund across Manitoba.

Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 focuses on creating new opportunities for jobs and growth, and securing long-term prosperity for Canadians. Investing in public infrastructure is an important part of this strategy. Over the course of the summer, the Government of Canada will be engaging provinces, territories, the municipal sector and other stakeholders in a series of roundtables to inform the development of a long-term infrastructure plan. In addition, we will be holding a national roundtable with the private sector and national stakeholder groups. To learn more about the opportunities in Economic Action Plan 2012, visit

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